What is the Economic Impact of Bad Meetings?


You working away and suddenly an email comes in and you get invited to a meeting by a person you don’t really know, about a project you have barely heard of, and you’re not sure how you can best contribute to the meeting, and yet  Click –  You accept anyway.

Below are some statistics that show just how much time this simple act wastes, and also what you can do about it.

Meeting ar a waste of time slide 1


Meeting ar a waste of time slide 2

Meeting are a waste of time slide 3








  The Answer?

MeetingSense is meeting collaboration software that empowers any team to easily capture, track, and manage the critical information and action items shared in every meeting.

MeetingSense provides instant structure and supports best practices to empower efficient and effective team meetings, ensuring that investment in meeting time always leads to successful outcomes.

MeetingSense is easy to use and effortlessly replaces familiar but ineffective meeting information capture and management tools like Microsoft Word or email, without the need for any training. MeetingSense has been proven to eliminate hours of wasted meeting time, save thousands in operational cost, and dramatically decrease IT system burden while ensuring optimized team productivity.

If you would like further information on MeetingSense 5, please contact Robert Atkins at robert.atkins@abettersolution.biz or on 07980 694620.  Our website is www.abettersolution.biz