M42 Physical

Optimized deployment and management of physical workspaces

Workspace management with Matrix42 Physical simplifies and reduces the cost and administration effort across all your physical workspaces. It offers a unique solution thanks to the innovative integration of compliance functionality and user self-service features.

All functions

  • Automated provisioning

    Optimized deployment and management of physical workspaces, including new operating systems, applications, and services

  • Support for multiple platforms

    Device and application management across Windows, Apple, and Linux

  • Lean infrastructure requirements

    Minimizes hardware investments

  • Enterprise App Store (Matrix42 Service Catalog)

    Self-service access and an integrated approval process for company and public apps, within the terms of your corporate access and usage policies

  • Software packaging center

    Complete automation through broad packaging support for pre-packaged apps, MSI, VMware ThinApp, Citrix XenApp, Package Robot, and Script/Delta Differential packages

  • Self-provisioning (ship-to-desk)

    Enables non-IT staff and users to reliably install, change, or replace computers without IT staff involvement

  • Desired state model

    Enables simplified deployment through automatic compliance with defined business profiles, compared with an inefficient task-based approach

  • Workspace recovery

    Automated backup of local user files and configurations, and the recovery of data and settings without user intervention

  • Integrated license, asset, and contract management

    Automatic compliance, license reporting, and application usage tracking

  • Integrated Matrix42 service desk

    Self-help features and automated break-fix scenarios, including powerful incident and problem management, fully integrated with asset management and software deployment functionality

Packaging Center

Your benefits

  • Optimum employee productivity

    Efficient, effective working with fast, flexible and anytime, anywhere access to a personalized workspace on any device. Higher productivity by minimizing the service downtime usually associated with faulty hardware and software configuration, installation, and updates.

  • Improved IT service

    Enhanced user satisfaction with IT through fast access to the right applications whenever they are needed, and fast troubleshooting with IT support around the clock

  • Optimized IT costs and maximum value

    Free up resources with automated workspace management, and comprehensive self-service and compliance fulfillment features Quicker ROI thanks to reduced pressure on the IT infrastructure, and significant cost savings compared with manual management for migrating to Windows 7/8.

  • Greater business agility through streamlined processes

    Efficient physical workspace management thanks to an integrated solution for managing all Windows, Apple, and Linux workspaces. Comprehensive, automated self-service functions for users and drastically reduced cost and effort for compliance-related tasks, thanks to built-in and automated compliance management.

  • Lower business risk

    Consolidated and efficient management for physical workspaces with a complete, proven solution from the German market leader. Innovative technology minimizes the risk of making necessary changes to your IT infrastructure.

Use Cases

Physical workspace automation

An employee wants a new app for his Windows, Apple, or Linux device.

The Matrix42 Physical Workspace Management solution enables the employee to:

  • Make a self-service request via the integrated Enterprise App Store (Matrix42 Service Catalog) or native iOS app (Matrix42 iPhone and iPad apps)
  • Receive approval quickly thanks to automated communication and approval processes
  • Carry out the automated installation without help from IT staff
  • Ensure the application is invoiced correctly and automatically


A user needs a new desktop computer with all the relevant applications installed and configured as soon as possible.

The Matrix42 Physical Workspace Management solution enables:

  • The user to receive a new computer at his desk
  • The correct operating system and applications to be automatically installed via the network, within the relevant compliance parameters based on the desired-state model
  • All the relevant configurations from the user’s old computer to be preserved
  • The task to be completed with zero intervention from IT staff

Fully automated mass deployment

Do you need to upgrade the operating system on hundreds of PCs to Windows 7 or 8?

The Matrix42 Physical Workspace Management solution makes it possible to:

  • Automate and simplify the deployment process, including hardware and software analysis, data backup and driver/operating system installation
  • Automatically save and reinstall each user’s data and settings
  • Update hundreds of machines simultaneously through full process automation

Click Below to see a 10 minute demonstration of how Matrix42 Physical works:

Matrix42 Physical

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