M42 Virtual

Optomize and automate virtual desktops

Matrix42 Virtual guarantees significantly simplified management of your Citrix infrastructures, and reduces operating costs by connecting the asset management and self-service functions for users with each other. This creates a unique, industry-leading solution for the orchestration and automation of Citrix infrastructures.

All functions

  • Automation of the Citrix infrastructure management

    Create Citrix XenApp farms in order to connect them with the management of disk images for deployment services and virtual desktop management functions

  • Deployment, configuration, and management of virtual desktops

    Comprises the operating systems, patches, and software of persistent and non-persistent virtual desktops

  • Virtual lifecycle management

    Create, implement, update, and delete virtual desktops and applications

  • Integrated license, asset, and contract management

    Guarantee automatic billing and monitoring of license compliance using virtual desktops and applications

  • Enterprise App Store (Matrix42 Service Catalog)

    Self-service access to internal and open applications with compliance to access and usage policies for your company

  • Integrated Matrix42 service desk

    Deploy new virtual desktops and applications, and resolve problems with virtual user services

  • Citrix Ready certification

    For deploying Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp, and XenServer, independent from the virtualization infrastructure on the server

  • Disk image management

    Create, update, and remove disk images with a special change management process

  • Flexcast support

    Deploy virtual desktops and applications with approval, streaming, and snapshot technologies from Citrix

  • Management of virtual machines

    Comprehensive and intuitive snapshot management for virtual machines

Your benefits

  • Saves a significant amount of time and money

    • Quicker introduction, migration, and use of virtual desktop environments.
    • Accelerated processes thanks to the automation of manual tasks.
    • Create, test, and update images in a matter of minutes.
  • Increased IT efficiency and less troubleshooting

    • Top-quality virtual services thanks to tests and replicable results.
    • Lower personnel requirements with significant savings in time and money for administrative tasks.
    • Reduction from 40 percent to 5 percent of work time required to fix errors during virtualization.
  • More flexibility through business process integration

    • Approval and billing for virtual desktops and applications via self-service.
    • Configuration of license-compliant virtual workspaces.
    • Elimination of silos in desktop virtualization operations, plus management of physical and virtual environments and services as an integrated whole.

Use Cases

Citrix automation

A virtual workspace administrator wants to automate the management of the company’s Citrix infrastructure.

The Matrix42 Mobile Virtual solution enables him to:

  • Configure and install Citrix XenApp farms
  • Create disk images for XenApp deployment
  • Install and publish shared desktops and apps (worker groups)
  • Create, manage and deploy XenDesktops
  • Operate Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp and expand capacity

Disk image management

A virtual desktop administrator wants to simplify and accelerate the lifecycle of disk images.

The Matrix42 Mobile Virtual solution enables him to:

  • Define a desired state for virtual machines as a reference
  • Install, update, and delete patches and applications
  • Create disk images from reference virtual machines
  • Efficiently manage the versioning of disk images
  • Execute lifecycle management for disk images across virtual desktops such as XenDesktop or XenApp (Test – Operation – Production)

Virtual workspace deployment within business processesen

An employee wants to use an iPad at work while remaining fully compliant with corporate IT policies.

The Matrix42 Mobile Virtual solution enables him to:

  • Activate devices using the integrated Enterprise App Store (Matrix 42 Service Catalog)
  • Automatically send configuration requests
  • Receive token-based authentication via email
  • Quickly access a user-specific virtual desktop and applications on the new device via Citrix Receiver
  • Automatically deactivate all corporate services on the device
M42 Virtual Brochure

Matrix42 Virtual Brochure