M42 Compliance

Simplified license management, increased IT asset transparency, and maximum cost savings potential

Matrix42 Compliance offers you an integrated, automated solution that covers all your IT assets, licenses, and contracts. IT employees are freed from onerous management tasks thanks to self-service functions. Automation helps prevent compliance breaches at the same time.

All functions

  • Full compliance management across physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud-based environments Accounts for installation, usage, access, and user/device groups
  • IT asset lifecycle management

    All physical and virtual devices and SIM cards with inventory forecasts

  • License lifecycle management

    Management of all purchased software licenses with automatic alignments within the license balance sheet

  • Contract lifecycle management

    Across master agreements and purchase requisition, including cost planning and tracking

  • Identification of unwanted software

    Matrix42 detects unauthorized software installations, checks the license requirements, and automatically informs the administrator

  • Flexible hardware and software inventory data

    Detect devices on your local network and scan them automatically to capture hardware configuration and software installations

  • Comprehensive software recognition

    The Matrix42 License Intelligence Service (LIS) cloud automatically recognizes one million different application fingerprints

  • Self-service Enterprise App Store (Matrix42 Service Catalog)

    Provides users with access to applications and other services within the terms of your corporate IT policies

  • Automatic tracking and alerts

    Identifies and automates the management of unauthorized software installations

  • Embedded collaboration

    Includes task, memo and appointment collaboration that also enables clear auditing for all responsibilities and processes

Your benefits

  • Efficient risk assessment

    Avoid the financial risks of compliance failures and reduce your employees’ workload with automated software compliance. Ensure control and transparency with accurate usage, license compliance, and cost information on-demand.

  • Optimize your software and hardware costs

    Optimize inventory with an accurate audit of assets, how they are being used, and by whom. Stop paying for unused software and hardware. Ensure timely license renewals and prevent unnecessary ones through proactive notification of deadlines. This allows you to renegotiate licenses and contracts with vendors based on actual requirements.

  • Maximize user satisfaction

    Enable user self-service features without risking compliance issues. Maximize users’ productivity and satisfaction by ensuring they have access to compliant and automatically updated versions of the software they need.

Use Cases

Unauthorized software deployment detection

A user installs an unauthorized application.

Thanks to the Matrix42 Workspace Compliance solution it is possible to automatically:

  • Report that the installation has occurred
  • Determine whether a license is required
  • Inform the license administrator
  • The license administrator can then subsequently approve the installation or remove the application

Software request and approval

A user selects an application from the Matrix42 Service Catalog and submits an installation request.

Thanks to the Matrix42 Workspace Compliance solution it is possible to automatically:

  • Notify the relevant manager and enable fast approval or rejection
  • Activate the software deployment tool to install the application with no IT intervention needed
  • Keep the user informed and satisfied with a fast, efficient IT service
  • Reconcile license compliance for each respective software product

Accounting for license compliance

A license administrator wants to check compliance status and identify opportunities for cost optimization.

Thanks to the Matrix42 Workspace Compliance solution, the license administrator can:

  • Check the request against requirements based on a consolidated view of deployment and usage
  • Check for missing licenses, identify opportunities to return unused licenses, and uncover other potential cost-savings such as bundling product purchases
  • Document new license purchases and capture relevant data
  • Approve the new compliance status and send a corresponding update to managers



Matrix42 Compliance

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