M42 Corporate

Matrix42 Corporate is the complete and customizable workspace management solution that simplifies and sustainably reduces the cost of managing all your physical, virtual and mobile workspaces.

Integrated components

The entire Matrix42 Corporate solution is comprised of the following seamlessly integrated components:

  • Matrix42 Physical

    Fully automated device and application management across Windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems

  • Matrix42 Virtual

    Complete disk image and virtual desktop/application management, fully certified for all Citrix platforms

  • Matrix42 Corporate for Mobile

    Secure device, application and content management for all mobile operating systems across corporate- and privately-owned devices (BYOD)

  • Matrix42 Compliance

    Integrated license, asset and contract management, reporting, and usage tracking

  • License auditing

    Comprehensive software recognition via the License Intelligence Service (LIS) cloud, and complete compliance accounting by installation, usage and access of physical, mobile, virtual, and cloud applications

  • Enterprise App Store (Service Catalog)

    Self-service access, and an integrated approval and ordering process for company and public applications, within the terms of your corporate IT access and usage policies

  • Desired state model

    Enables simplified deployment through automatic compliance with defined business profiles

  • Workspace recovery

    Automated backup of local user files and configurations, and the recovery of data and settings without user intervention

  • Integrated Matrix42 Service Desk

    Self-help features and automated break-fix scenarios, including powerful incident and problem management. Also features seamless integration with asset management and software deployment functionality.

Your benefits

  • Increased end user satisfaction and productivity

    Efficient, effective working with fast, flexible access to a personalized workspace via any device – anytime, anywhere. Enhanced satisfaction with IT through workspace creation and customization on demand. Quick troubleshooting thanks to support around the clock, and increased productivity thanks to a reduction in the service downtimes usually associated with hardware and software configuration, installation, and updates.

  • Optimized costs and use of resources

    Drastically reduced compliance fulfillment cost and effort through built-in, automated compliance management. Your valuable IT staff are then free to focus on value creation, thanks to comprehensive process automation and user self-service.

  • Lower business risk

    Consolidated, efficient physical workspace management with a complete, best-in-class solution from the independent market leader in Germany. Innovative and proven technology that minimizes the risk of making necessary changes to your IT infrastructure.

Use Cases

360° workspace management

A new employee wants to use a privately-owned iPad for work.

The Matrix42 Corporate for Mobile solution:

  • Enables the employee to make a self-service activation request for a personal device
  • Automatically communicates approval and provides token-based authentication
  • Automates device configuration and application access without IT staff involvement
  • Provides access to a customized virtual desktop and the integrated Enterprise App Store
  • Automatically maps licensing requirements to license agreements and highlights necessary compliance actions

Automated request fulfillment

A user cannot open a file that his colleague has sent him.

The Matrix42 Corporate solution:

  • Enables the user to request help from IT via the integrated service desk
  • Allows the IT administrator to raise a service request
  • Informs the user’s manager about the request, and enables him to approve/reject it and the associated costs with a few clicks
  • Automatically installs and configures the software on the user’s workspace
  • Automatically closes the request and sends a summary to the relevant people

Design an application orchestration

An IT service manager wants to add an application to the Matrix42 Service Catalog.

The Matrix42 solution:

  • Enables service description preparation, including all the required application information
  • Enables the service delivery designer to design a corresponding workflow process for delivering the service to end users
  • Publishes the workflow and informs the IT service manager
  • Enables the IT service manager to easily apply the workflow to the new service and add it to the service portfolio


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Matrix42 Corporate

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