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Redefining Enterprise Mobility Management

Silverback by Matrix42 is a comprehensive, enterprise-ready mobile device and workspace management solution. It enables simple, secure and scalable management of Apple iOS, Google Android, Samsung Safe & Knox and Microsoft Windows Phone devices, all through a single interface. Strict separation of business and private data on company and personal devices guarantees compliance with the relevant corporate guidelines, while offering your employees complete privacy and data protection. Your IT business processes can also be automated thanks to the straightforward integration of this enterprise mobility management solution into your existing IT service management environment, and with the rest of the Matrix42 workspace management suite.

Our enterprise mobility management solution enables you to give all your employees easy, secure access to their familiar workspaces on the mobile device of their choice, whether company- or personally-owned. This access can be provided to hundreds of employees within hours, and without your IT staff touching a device.


Silverback by Matrix42 functions include:

  • Complete management control over all your mobile devices
    • Clientless, zero-touch provisioning
    • Support for iOS, Android, Samsung SAFE, Samsung Knox and Windows Phone
    • MDM without requiring a proprietary proxy server
    • Full end-point control
    • Granular remote device wiping options
  • Effective, efficient mobile application management
    • Application distribution through self-service portal or automatic push
    • Application blacklists and whitelists
    • Silent push of applications to secure workspaces
    • Application-triggered VPN connection
  • Data/content management that supports mobile working and collaboration
    • Secure content hub
    • Microsoft SharePoint integration
    • Windows file share access
    • Access to Intranet content
    • PDF annotation
    • Account- and application-level control over data leakage
    • File syncing between devices
  • User-, device-, and OS version-specific security
    • One-time PIN provisioning
    • Expirable window of use for OTP
    • Real-time hardware authentication
    • PKI integration for secure certificate based login into IT services
    • Single sign-on with no sync of AD credentials required
  • Privacy controls that protect organizations and individuals
    • Compliance settings for users’ personal apps
    • Support of Android for Work Framework with Android L (5.0 and higher)
    • Profile-based separation of business and private data & apps
    • Admin-only access for remote wipe
    • No tracking of user location
    • Corporate security policies are upheld
  • Proactive cost management that saves you money
    • Detect and turn off voice and data roaming
    • Stop push-sync while roaming
    • Real-time roaming usage alerts for users and administrators
    • Automatic policy enforcement when device is roaming
    • Roam only on approved mobile operators

Enterprise Mobility Management EMM Devices Overview

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Use Cases

Easy mobile device provisioning

An IT manager needs to provision new iPhones to hundreds of users within days.

Silverback by Matrix42:

  • Allows users to provision their own devices through a branded, intuitive self-service portal, with no involvement from IT staff
  • Authenticates users against Microsoft Active Directory while they are connected to the corporate network
  • Delivers an expirable one-time provisioning password
  • Clientless enrolment without an Apple ID needed
  • Provides administrators with detailed up-to-date information about each user’s provisioning status
  • Frees IT staff to focus on other valuable initiatives

Enhanced data cost control

An IT manager has been tasked with significantly reducing mobile device usage costs across the organization.

Silverback by Matrix42:

  • Allows users to track domestic and international data usage separately via a simple visual indicator
  • Enables administrators to set pre-defined usage thresholds
  • Alerts users and administrators when approaching usage limits or have been reached
  • Enables organisations to ensure devices roam on approved mobile operators only

Secure mobile working on a personal mobile device

An employee needs to be able to use his own device for work securely and without exposing his personal data to administrators.

Silverback by Matrix42:

  • Enables the employee to quickly and easily access permitted corporate applications with no manual set up or configuration
  • Allows administrators to push applications and access to data based on users’ roles or group memberships
  • Tunnels work related web traffic through the organization’s VPN at an application level
  • Enables remote wiping of corporate data only whilst protecting personal data
  • Protects users’ privacy through identity separation for locations, applications, data and forms
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