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In this project in the historical mining area, the extensive preparations for the mines were completed, and then the mining and processing of alluvial gold began, which “can be a major catalyst for the stock.”

Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd. (OMM: TSX.V; OMMSF: OTCMKTS) announce it Placer gold recovery is now underway On the Wingdam project in British Columbia’s historic Cariboo Mining District, Research Capital Corp analyst Bill Newman reported in a July 4 research note.

“In the coming months, we expect Omineca to report a recovery in placer gold, which we believe could be a major catalyst for the stock,” Newman wrote.

As for Omineca stock, it is currently trading at about C$0.12 per share. Given that Research Capital Corp.’s target price for the Saskatchewan-based company is C$0.75 a share, the returns from here for investors could be substantial.

It should also be noted that, according to Newman, Omineca transferred 50% of Wingdam to its joint venture partner, Hamilton Gold Royalties, after Hamilton reached the stage of completion of the mine.

To equip the mine, Hamilton performed several tasks, including dewatering and rehabilitating the 550-meter (500-meter) cliff. The company also installed new ventilation and water management systems for underground works, and commissioned a $20 million gold wash plant.

From now on, the Lightning Creek Mining subsidiary in Hamilton will act as the Wingdam operator, providing all of the workers, equipment and other services needed to continue mining and processing gold there. Omineca’s overall fixed cost for this is C$850 per ounce of gold produced.

In this first phase of Wingdam’s alluvial gold mining, Lightning Creek conducts a series of side-by-side criss-crossing fissures and a drift over 300 m from the ancient channel, downstream from the initial crisscrossed collector sample.

“Omineca has an additional 14 kilometers of claim, which represents great potential in exploration,” Newman added.

Research Omineca Capital Speculation Purchase Rates.


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