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Bitcoin is growing moderately at the start of the new week. The leading cryptocurrency balances at $21409. Yesterday’s buyers were more bullish, but the $21,900 level was holding.

While the stock market indicators are favorable, there are serious chances that this timid growth will continue, as long as it remains cautious and slow. If BTC exceeds $21,900, a path to $22,800 will open. And if this level is also occupied, the next target will be $24,000 – $25,000. The medium-term picture looks bearish. The nearest important support remains at $19,700.

There is a correlation between the S&P 500, the Nasdaq, and BTC. Stock market sentiment should be closely monitored.

Keep in mind that the fear index in the cryptocurrency market is now 12, although yesterday it was 14. These are extreme levels of fear in the stock market.


In the list of the top ten most popular cryptocurrencies over the past 24 hours, BTC and ETH have shown the worst results, losing about 1.5%, and SOL (-2.3%). BNB and ADA are neutral. DOGE showed a wave of optimism (+11.4%).

Miners have fallen into debt

According to Bloomberg, the miners took out $4 billion in loans to purchase the equipment. Meanwhile, the collateral value of equipment used as a deposit has lost half its price due to the drop in BTC. Some miners in debt have had to default, while others sell their business.

Ripple will open an office in Toronto

Ripple plans to open an office in Toronto, Canada, making it the main development hub. For this, the company will have to hire 50 new developers, and subsequently increase their number several times. With all the recent rumors about companies cutting staff in the crypto sector, Ripple looks like a safe haven.

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